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Cindy Jacobs 2018

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Jane Hamon 2018 Year of the Prophet’s Reward

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“2018 Word of the Lord: A Year of the Prophet’s Reward” Jane Hamon, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

In the midst of increasing instability on the global scene, God has an exciting word for His people—especially those who have embraced His prophetic voice. I believe we are in a turnaround season and that we will continue to see divine reversals in our personal lives and circumstances; in the positioning of the Church in culture and even in the legislation of nations.

As I prayed about the upcoming season in the Church and what God is saying to us for 2018, I had a vision in which I saw and heard the words, “A Time for the Prophet’s Reward.” Jesus spoke about this in Matthew 10:40-41 saying, “He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me. He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward. And he who receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.” The word “receive” means “to take hold of, to accept, to receive favorably, to embrace, to give ear to, to make one’s own.” This is what we must do with Christ in our lives. To receive Him is to receive the Father. And to receive a prophet and those who are righteous will bring blessing in our lives.

Later, I saw just the words “Prophet’s Reward” written on a giant battering ram which was slamming against a huge, locked gate. I knew the anointing of the Prophet’s Reward was going to open tremendous opportunities for the Kingdom of God to advance. Those who have received prophetic promises from God and those who operate and function in prophetic ministry will experience one of the greatest seasons of honor, advancement, promotion and favor as we align, obey and actively participate with all God has said.

The Significance of 30 and Prophetic Fulfillment

So why would this be a focused year to receive this anointing? This year we celebrate 30 years since the birth of the prophetic movement. Prior to 1988, there were only a few places in the earth that were experiencing dreams, visions, angelic visitations and prophetic revelation. However, that year at Christian International (as well as several other places on earth) we spiritually birthed the prophetic movement. We recognized that God was raising up a company of prophets and prophetic people who could communicate His heart, will and mind to the earth. Today, it is now widely accepted throughout Christianity that God is still speaking to His people and through His people and that as we hear God’s voice it can change our world.

“The Double Portion anointing and the Prophet’s Reward are synonymous and it is time to receive this fresh mantle on your life, family, ministry and business.”

The number 30 signifies a promotion into a new season of success. This is a new season of authority and blessing for prophetic ministry and for seeing the prophesied word come to pass. It is a launching season! Jesus was launched into His earthly ministry at the age of 30 accompanied by signs, wonders, miracles, authority, power over demons, and a heart to demonstrate that the Kingdom of God had come. 30 was a very important number in the Jewish culture. It was considered to be the year of maturity for leadership. Priests were dedicated to service at age 30 (intercession). Men were eligible for military service at age 30 (warfare). Ezekiel was called as a prophet at age 30 (prophetic). Men were considered of age to run their father’s business at age 30 (marketplace). This year, get ready to be mantled for a new level of authority in your area of prophetic calling.

30 was also a year linked to fulfillment of prophetic destiny, overcoming and rulership. Joseph came out of prison and had his prophetic dream fulfilled as he became a ruler in Egypt at the age of 30. David came out of the cave and saw the prophecy fulfilled as he was anointed King of Judah at Hebron at the age of 30. Jesus was 30 when he was baptized and the Holy Spirit came upon Him and anointed Him to fulfill His prophesied destiny. All the difficulty these men went through leading up to their time of success was worth it to see all God promised come to pass.

The Prophet’s Reward launches us into similar times of fruition when all we may have struggled through comes to an appointed time of grace and fulfillment so that we can step into our time to rule and legislate for the Kingdom of God in the earth. 30 also signifies prosperity and posterity. In the book of Judges, one of the judges, Jair, had 30 sons. He gave each of them a horse and a city (Judges 10:4)!

So you see, in this 30th year of the prophetic ministry, all that has gone before has actually only been preparatory to what comes next. Where before the prophetic was met with skepticism and resistance, now there is honor and excitement to hear the Word of the Lord. The voice of God is being integrated into the Church and being drawn on in the business world. Even local and national governmental officials long to hear answers from the heart of God so they can have the capacity to bring their city or even nation into the Prophet’s Reward of breakthrough.

One of the new things to watch for is how effectively prophets and prophetic ministry cross into the mainstream of culture, not just the mainstream of the Church. Secular leaders will become increasingly open to hear what God is saying—even those who don’t know Him yet.

The Lord is saying it is time to receive the Prophet’s Reward! Whether you have been a part of what God has been doing the last 30 years or if you are brand new to the movement, your reward is the same. During this 30th year of prophetic ministry we should expect a greater anointing for fulfillment of prophetic destiny, blessings of prosperity upon ourselves and our families, greater revelation, greater miracles, and signs and wonders than ever before.

So What is the Prophet’s Reward?

There are several examples of people being blessed, rewarded and advanced because they received a prophet or a prophetic message. In all these examples, we find that receiving the prophet or prophetic word was not a passive response of hearing a word and hoping something good would happen as a result, but rather one that required active alignment, an expectant attitude and corresponding action. The Prophet’s Reward released rapid fulfillment of the things God had promised. In most instances below, the prophecy was fulfilled almost instantly, without delay. The Prophet’s Reward brings an acceleration of the process of divine fulfillment.

1) The Miracle You Need That Money Cannot Buy!

Prophets release the miraculous! The story of the Shunammite woman is one of the best examples of receiving a Prophet’s Reward. In 2 Kings 4, we meet this woman who is wealthy, but has no child. Not only did she receive the prophet, she actually had a room built in her house for him. Each of us need to be challenged to build a room in our life and in our heart for the Word of the Lord to dwell. Rather than just occasionally receiving “a word” we must receive the abiding voice of God. It seemed this woman didn’t need anything. She just wanted the anointing in her home, knowing it would bring a blessing. But it was discovered that she did not have an heir. She had no legacy.

The prophet told her that the following year she would bear a son. She was so heartbroken from her years of barrenness that her initial reaction was not necessarily one of faith, but rather, “Don’t mess with me prophet!” Nevertheless, the next year she had a son. She blessed the prophet by honoring the gift within him, she made place for the prophetic anointing in her life and she received a miracle, which she needed, that money could not buy! (Photo via Unsplash)

One of the beautiful things about a Prophet’s Reward is that it is not a one-time blessing but continues to perpetuate the anointing through the years. When the boy was grown, he was working in the field with his father and suddenly held his head and fell over dead. The Shunammite, drawing on that Prophet’s Reward anointing, ran to get the prophet to raise her son back to life! Her heir was given back to her and the legacy the enemy tried to rob was restored.

This theme continued later in 2 Kings 8 when Elisha told her to go live somewhere else during a famine. She obeyed the Word of the Lord and seemingly lost everything! She was gone seven years then returned to make an appeal to the king to get her house and her land back. (We must learn to persevere in intercession, going before the King with our appeal to Heaven for our house and our land.)

The king was hearing the story of how Elisha had raised the boy back to life, when his servant said, “Look! Here is the woman and her son!” The Prophet’s Reward set her up with the anointing for favor for her to be in the right place at the right time! Divine connections! The king not only gave her back her land, but all the proceeds of the land that should have been hers for the past seven years! The Prophet’s Reward will bring restoration of all that has been lost or stolen. It is a blessing that keeps on giving and in this time of the Prophet’s Reward, God will make sure you are in the right place at the right time to receive your miracle and to bring influence for the Kingdom of God.

Not only will God bless those who have made room in their lives for the voice of God, but it is now time to see blessings come upon churches who have made a place for the prophetic within their church structure. Have you given God’s voice a place to move and minister whenever you gather? Then you will see the Shunammite blessing of the Prophet’s Reward upon your church and growth and increase will be the result. So what is the miracle you are believing for that money cannot buy?

2) The Reward of Provision

Prophets release provision. In 1 Kings 17, the Prophet Elijah had a word from God to go to a widow at Zarephath to be fed during a time of famine. When he got there he found the woman gathering sticks by the city gate, preparing to fix her last meal for her and her son before dying of starvation. He asked her for bread and she said she only had a tiny bit of flour and oil left. He asked her to go fix him a small cake first because he knew God sent him to this widow. He gave her a promise that if she did this the bin of flour would not be empty and the oil would not run dry.

The widow received the prophet and fed him because he was a prophet and she and her household ate for months until the famine was broken. The prophet was blessed with food, but the woman received the Prophet’s Reward that lasted for months or possibly even years of unlimited supply. It is time to see the Prophet’s Reward of unlimited supply manifested—not just for survival, but for the advancement of the Kingdom endeavors God has charged you with.

3) The Reward of Posterity

Prophets will bring generational continuity. In the previous two stories the prophet came and brought sons back to life. God cares about our generations! Likewise, the Prophet’s Reward can be seen in in 2 Kings 4. A prophet died and left his wife in debt so that her sons would need to be sold as slaves. Elisha told the woman to take the small amount of oil in her house, go gather as many vessels as she could and begin to pour the oil into the vessels. Her obedience to the word resulted in a Prophet’s Reward of supernatural multiplication of oil, which enabled her to pay the debt and set her children free.

She worked with the word of the Lord through the prophet to see her generations free and blessed. We also see the Prophet’s Reward and generational synergy with the ministries of Elijah and Elisha. Elijah prophesied to Elisha and Elisha responded by wholeheartedly going after Elijah until he received the double portion blessing. The Double Portion anointing and the Prophet’s Reward are synonymous and it is time to receive this fresh mantle on your life, family, ministry and business.

4) The Reward of New Beginnings

Prophets declare the new things and bring reformation! Isaiah 42:9 says, “Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them.” This is prophetic function: to declare what God is doing before it even happens. Isaiah 43:19 says, “Behold I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth, shall you not know it?” This year will be full of new things as reformation aligns God’s people to proper heart positioning and proper function, so the Church can thrive as Christ intended.

This is the Roman calendar year 2018 and the Hebraic calendar year 5778. Both years end in the number 8, which signifies new beginnings, reformation and resurrection life. Jesus was resurrected on the first day of the week which was the 8th day. Josiah, a reformer, began his reign at age 8 bringing a new era in the midst of idolatrous predecessors. He also began to seek the Lord for himself in the eighth year of his reign which later resulted in His purging Israel of the altars of Baal. Likewise, Solomon began to purge the idols from Israel in the 8th year of his reign. The 8 of reformation will always call us back to the straight path and righteous living.

“Those who have received prophetic promises from God and those who operate and function in prophetic ministry will experience one of the greatest seasons of honor, advancement, promotion and favor as we align, obey and actively participate with all God has said.”

Since I mentioned the number 8, I should mention here the Biblical meaning of the number “18” which is blessing and long life. In the Hebraic culture, the number 18 is very significant as the word Charis, which is the word for life and has the numeric value of 18. This is where Jews get the saying HIM…that life! Eighteen also represents a time of coming out of bondage. Twice Israel was in bondage for 18 years when God delivered them. It does not signify bondage but rather freedom from bondage. In Luke 13 Jesus healed a woman who had been sick for 18 years saying, “Woman thou art loosed!” Finally, the number 18 is tied to judges. There were 18 judges from the time of Joshua until Saul became king. The first judge, Joshua, ruled 18 years. I believe it is time to see a new beginning in the courts of our land with a return to righteous rulership.

5) The Reward of Breakthrough!

Prophets bring breakthrough! David was Jesse’s 8th son and he ushered in a new era for Israel. David was a prophet who led Israel in battles of victory against the Philistines. He received the prophecy from the prophet, Samuel, that he would be king. He believed it, received it, then acted on it by stepping up to face Goliath. This will be a year to see Goliaths fall! Goliath systems. Goliaths of intimidation. Goliaths of impossibility. The Prophet’s Reward released vision, courage, and a prophetic edge which was imparted through Samuel and acted on by David. This anointing brought Goliath down.

The Prophet’s Reward releases the ability to do things that have been impossible up until that time. It is a breaker anointing that will bring down spiritual foes. This year will be a record breaking year! Things that have never been done before will breakthrough. Things stagnated or stalemated in previous years will break open through the Word of the Lord!

6) The Reward of Opportunity & Favor

Prophets release favor and open doors of opportunity. The prophet, Moses stood before the throne of Pharaoh and said, “Let my people go,” and God released favor in the courts of Egypt. In the Hebraic alphabet, the number eight is drawn as a picture of a gate or a door. Remember my vision of the battering ram with the words Prophet’s Reward pounding against a giant gate?

Gates were always places of government and authority. Kings issued decrees from the city gates. Prophets prophesied from the gates. Jesus raised the dead at the gate. The apostles healed the lame man at the gate. Jesus identified Himself as the Door. In Revelation 3, He says He has the Key of David and opens so that no man can shut, and shuts so that no man can open. Expect doors of favor and access which have been shut to you in the past to be opened to you for your future!

In 1 Corinthians 16:9 Paul says, “For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.” As we embrace God’s prophetic words in this season, we will see unprecedented times of open doors, but also may have to contend with some adversaries. But take heart and have no fear. I heard the Lord say, “Your opposition will become your opportunity!”

Just like when David faced Goliath and defeated him, it caused promotion to come that he could marry the king’s daughter and move into the palace. The opposition became his opportunity. In the same way, your adversaries have been given for your advantage. Your trial and trouble will become your triumph! I felt this year would be characterized by Gates, Goliaths and Glory! Go through the gates, defeat your Goliaths and then step into the glory!

Along with supernatural opportunities, God is asking us to spend our favor. Faith is the currency of Heaven. All we desire to receive from God takes faith to receive. On the other hand, favor is our currency of our dealings with men on the earth. We must understand that we can actually have favor without knowing how to spend it. Just as one can have money without spending it, one can also have favor without spending it or spending amiss. Favor opens doors for Kingdom influence and Kingdom endeavors. Favor assures we are in the right place at the right time for Kingdom results. Favor is one more aspect of our Prophet’s Reward and part of the blessing God gives to those who receive prophets and prophetic ministry.

7) The Reward that Heaven Will Fight For You

Prophets release Heaven’s angel armies. We see several times in Scripture when a prophetic word is released by a prophet and when the people of God actively position themselves in agreement with that prophecy, Heaven supernaturally intervenes in the battle. In Judges 4-5, Deborah released a prophetic word regarding Israel’s harsh bondage under the Canaanites. The people and the generals responded by going to the prophetically indicated place by the River Kishon. Kishon means, “to set a trap or lay a snare for the enemy”. This is exactly what happens as part of the Prophet’s Reward. When the enemy showed up for the battle, God caused torrential rain to fall and the heavens fought for Israel, flooding the riverbed and washing away the enemy. (Photo via Unsplash)

In another battle in 2 Chronicles 20, Jehoshaphat, a great reformer and righteous king, was surrounded by the enemy. He called the people to fast and seek the Lord during which time the prophet Jahaziel prophesies that they will not need to fight in the battle for the battle is the Lord’s. As a response to this prophetic word, Jehoshaphat sends worshippers out in front of the armies singing, “Praise the Lord for His mercy endures forever.”

As we know, once the army got to the enemy, they discovered that they had turned on one another and wiped each other out. Heaven got involved and fought for them. Again in Joshua 10, Joshua is in an epic battle with a coalition of Canaanite kings when God speaks prophetically to him. “And the Lord said to Joshua, ‘Do not fear them, for I have delivered them into your hand; not a man of them shall stand before you'” (Joshua 10:8). Joshua was exhausted but went to confront his enemy as instructed by God, but instead God Himself fought for Joshua and Israel, and together they wiped out the enemy. As a matter of fact, it is recorded that God killed more than Joshua!

Part of our Prophet’s Reward is that God will cause His angels to fight for us. Hebrews 1:14 says that God sends His angels to assist those who are to inherit salvation. In the Book of Acts, we see multiple times when angels intervened to deliver one of the apostles and position them to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom. This is part of our reward for receiving God’s prophetic voice. Send down your mighty ones, oh God! You can expect angelic help in your battles in 2018!

8) The Reward of Nation Changing

Prophets change cities and nations. Jeremiah was tasked as a prophet to the nations to root up, tear down, throw down and destroy and to build and plant. The prophetic anointing has the ability to shift an atmosphere over a territory which can result in changes in government, business, economy, and even break the territory open for revival. We can see this demonstrated in 2 Kings 2, after Elisha received the double portion mantle from Elijah. The first thing he did was go in to Jericho and break the curse of death and barrenness off the city. The city was forever changed by the word of the prophet, and the city that received him received the prophet’s reward and was forever changed.

So in 2018—it is time to proactively step into your Prophet’s Reward. Align with all God has charged you with, embrace the prophetic anointing which God is releasing to you, and expect the reward of His blessing. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Jane Hamon
Vision Church @ Christian International
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Johnny Enlow 2018

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2018: A Time of War—and Victories

(Trump, Wall Street, California, Israel, Jerusalem, Cryptocurrencies, North Korea, Iran, etc.)

2017 has been a year that has exceeded every projection of disruption. A year ago I wrote a word entitled “Trumpquake” that described the upheaval that Trump’s presidency would usher in —ensuing tsunami waves of change. If anything, that word understated what actually has become reality.


The first full year of Donald Trump as President shook seemingly everything that can be shaken. A most sensational war has been engaged with the dominant media all year, with no truce coming from either side. “Fake news” and “alternative facts” are now household concepts and realities, and an overall vicious, political atmosphere was in effect for the entire year.

We have also had very extreme weather patterns, as creation seemingly caught itself up in the turmoil of everything. Many severe weather stories became relegated as compared to the three big storms—Harvey, Irma and Maria, that each in its own way was a historical hurricane, which I have previously covered. Interestingly enough in Zechariah 9:14 it says:

“Then the Lord will appear over them; His arrow will flash like LIGHTNING. The Sovereign Lord will sound the TRUMP and He will march in the storms of the south.”

The Hebrew word for the word “lightning” is “baraq.” It is no coincidence that this verse speaks of a time where the Lord intervenes with “baraq” (or Barack), and then that He would sound the “trump” (or Trump) and march in the storms and hurricanes of the south. God is neither Trump nor the hurricanes, but He is sounding the “Trump” and He has marched IN on the hurricanes of the south. Put together the first letter of each storm and you have HIM. In the seeming mayhem of it all He is there.

In 2017 we also experienced an almost unprecedented total, solar eclipse that carried its own message. Then we had a constellation assignment so unique that again, the “doom and gloomers” came out of the woodwork with another false, prophetic narrative. All these events and phenomenon were significant and telling of a special day, but it was all about kingdom of God advancement and not kingdom of darkness advancement.

Somehow, each of these “once-in-a-lifetime events” seemingly paled in comparison with the “Harvey Weinstein effect” that has seen literally hundreds of the “gate keepers” at the tops of all 7 mountains (media, economy, government, education, family, arts and entertainment, and religion) forced from their stronghold position. Suddenly and before our very eyes, tsunami waves with a new cultural appetite for justice are vacating the high places and making room for the new. A line has been drawn in the sand. God’s daughters will be better protected as they rise and shine. The accompanying storyline of the hit movie “Wonder Woman” is all interwoven into the new narrative of the day—a movie where not only were women positively highlighted, but the central star was an Israeli actress named Gal Gadot. No coincidence there either.


I would like to tell you that 2018 will be very different than 2017, and that everything will calm down. However, to do so would be to mislead you. Ecclesiastes 3:8 says that there is “a time for war and a time for peace.” Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, this is not the time for peace, but for war. However, there is great news in this forecast because the purpose of this time of war is to regain that which was lost, and to take “Promised Land” ground that was never entered into. The enemy is always at war with us—this is a time for it to cease to be one-sided. God is surely anointing us for war, meaning He has great victories designed for us. This time for war has both a collective and individual application, and in both scenarios the righteous must be bold as lions.

I want to take some time to explain this present meta-narrative, because as we do it allows us to position ourselves with the necessary resolve to experience the much-desired breakthrough victories. The taking of “Promised Land” is designed to come only to those who will “be of good courage,” as the Lord repeatedly told Joshua. Perhaps there is an absence of courage in the present Body of Christ, and we must now set our minds to be people of courage. A basic ripple effect of not embracing courage manifests itself as fear and anxiety—that has presently disabled many of the sons and daughters of the King and must now change. For this, you don’t need another sozo (inner healing session)—you need to set your mind to be courageous. Most likely, your external circumstances are not always going to be peaceful, so you must find that peace internally. Being courageous positions you to be peaceful no matter what unexpected circumstance comes about. We are courageous knowing that this season is a season of designated victories.


I was shown that this significant season for the United States has many parallels with the season the children of Israel went through with their first three kings—Saul, David and Solomon. The parallels are not perfect, so it is not good to excessively read into the analogy—but it is a narrative that will assist us in embracing the present, as well as setting ourselves up for where we are going next. The parallels should not be used to excessively demonize Obama, nor overly praise Trump, but there is something to learn here. Before I address this I want to acknowledge how much we all still have to learn about God’s ways. He has spoken to me about how MOST of us are out of synch with both who He is and what He is doing. That may be initially discouraging to hear, but if we will use that to properly position our hearts in humility it can be the best thing for us. In the aforementioned Ecclesiastes 3, it says in verse eleven that, “God has made everything beautiful in its own time,” but then goes on to say, “but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.” This is a good presupposition for most of us. As 2018 progresses many of us will discover it as a reality. This is especially relevant if you have strong political opinions. Right now the church is split almost down the middle in its political opinions, and both sides are sure God is on their side. Unfortunately the split is often along racial lines as well. The easiest thing to do for the various races is to perceive their perspective is right and the others is wrong—and this feeling is MOST pronounced among believers. Somebody is going to have to do a lot of opinion-changing.

It is my observation that MOST of us will have adjustments to make in our thinking. Trump is uniquely ordained and anointed BY GOD to lead the United States at this time. This I tell you not from a political perspective but from a purely prophetic perspective. I have previously shared with you before that as I was seeing the vision of him winning I said aloud, “Oh No!” It was not MY choice, or MY opinion. Many of you are going to be invited to abandon YOUR choices and YOUR opinions in order to be in synch with Gods. This does not mean that if you voted for Trump you have nothing to learn. I believe I was shown that perhaps most of those who voted for Trump did so for the wrong reason. Conversely, many that did not vote for Trump did not do so for a good reason. It is time to shift from “good” to “God” in our reasoning. That only happens when we prioritize His Kingdom above our own and remain humble and teachable.


I believe that President Obama parallels Saul, in the sense that he was head and shoulders above everyone else, and that he was the people’s choice. There was an anointing on President Obama and he did accomplish some meaningful things. However, like Saul, compromise was found in him that ultimately did not please the Lord. For those who would point fingers, it is quite possible that a major reason for President Obama doing less than he could have is because of the “Christian” vitriol and lack of prayer covering over him. However, in the parallel analogy we find Saul’s last act being when he fell to the Philistines—in President Obama’s last act we see him capitulating to the Palestinians (modern-day Philistia) to the unjust detriment of Israel. President Obama was well spoken, seemed to manage his family well, was an inspiration for blacks and minorities world-wide, but he still served more as a Saul than a David.


Though perhaps imperfectly, President Trump is as a David—specifically how David was as king. Whereas, Saul was a man of the people—David was a man chosen by God. God spoke to me, “I chose Trump because I know some things that none of you know.” Donald Trump was divinely chosen and placed in power by God, but because we cannot see the Ecclesiastes 3:11 “whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end,” many of us are presently confused or deceived. While this is all understandable based on Trump’s imperfections, it will ultimately hurt our own, personal “Promised Land” gains to not be in synch with God. If we never invited Him in to our processing there is a price to pay for that oversight and pride.

Though it may seem almost insulting to equate President Trump with David, it is only unreasonable when we forget David’s less ideal behavior.
David was a man of war from very young. He was never noted for his soft speech, nor his general “fruit of the Holy Spirit.” Even in defeating Goliath, he yelled back at Goliath and upped the ante to the words Goliath spoke to him by having an even more vicious response. He was quite vocal in his disputes with his opponents, and he did things like curse his own captain Joab with a most horrible, multigenerational curse.

“May the family of Joab be cursed in every generation with a man who has open sores or leprosy or who walks on crutches or dies by the sword or begs for food!”
(furthermore if they had done a direct proper translation he actually said, “may there be one who is effeminate in every generation.”)

Also as you read David’s “song of praise” to God in 2 Samuel 22, you see his strong identity in his responses with war and with quenching his enemies. He spoke often of having to be defended by God because his enemies were many. Beginning in verse 38 he said,

“I chased my enemies and destroyed them, I did not stop until they were conquered. I consumed them; I struck them so they did not get up; they fell beneath my feet…You placed my foot on their necks, I have destroyed all who hated me. (Christlike?)…They even cried to God, but He refused to answer. I ground them as fine as the dust of the earth, I trampled them in the gutter like dirt…Sovereign nations cringe before me; as soon as they hear of me, they submit. They all lose their courage and come trembling from their strongholds…He is God who pays back those who harm me; he brings down the nations under me.”

You see Trump has a similar call of God towards America’s destiny as to what David had on behalf of Israel. Through Trump God is drawing lines in the sand even for entire nations. The recent vote against the USA in the United Nations registered in heaven. Most of the nations chose to condemn Trump and the USA for stating that we would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital—a fact already sanctioned in Congress over 20 years ago, but with no president that possesses the inner fortitude to stand up to the nations. Likewise, Trump’s obedience to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital, as well as where we will now have our embassy located, resonated heavily in heaven. You have to leave it to God to judge the value of that as counterposed to Trump’s Twitter “meanness.” Because it is a time of war Trump is called to be rough sandpaper for things God is surfacing to be dealt with. The church needs to be the ministers of reconciliation, but it is not President Trump’s assignment—particularly at the front end of his term. Discernment is so critical at this time.

It was David who established Jerusalem as special, and he took it away from the Jebusites for good. It was David that made Israel strong and saw them defeat the Philistines, the Moabites, the Syrians, the Ammonites, and others (see 2 Sam. 8). It was win after win as he took on the nations. It was David that made Israel extremely wealthy, and from that wealth was able to contribute literally billions of dollars worth of resources to the building of the house of God that Solomon would build. Presently, Trump has the assignment to have Israel and Jerusalem protected and strengthened as well as the assignment to make America great in resources and in military might. The military might establishes and ensures that nations that are oppressed by despots may have freedom. It is the church that then carries the “tabernacle of David” part of the assignment to bring in the presence of God to it all. We can not confuse President Trump’s assignment with our own. Whether he lacks love in what he does or how he communicates—we cannot properly advance the Kingdom without love.

David was not primarily a man of peace. He was not a man of soft words. He had trouble and betrayal around him seemingly at all times. Goliath was his most famous adversary and he was the big mouth who froze Israel for 40 days as he took over the airways. He represents Media and David had to tame him before the Philistines could be routed.

David also had three sons who tried to take his throne. David was in almost constant relational conflict. Saul was actually a better family man than David, or at least had less brokenness around him. David’s captain also turned on him—remember as well, Shimei and then Sheba. Everyone was seemingly out to get him, and his enemies were many—partially because his assignment was great and partially because relationships were not his strength.

Ultimately all his enemies were decimated because they came against he who was anointed by God for a special mission—a special mission that took into account his failings, including that he was also going to be one who did the Bathsheba thing and the Uriah thing. In David’s day if you assumed you could bash him and be against him because of his failings you would be fighting against God. It never justifies the sins, and there are always consequences (as David had), but God has always had to anoint that which wasn’t perfect—and then work on perfecting him while he is on assignment. The hypocrisy for the church is that up until now we have had almost no vision, priority, or preparation for the mountain of government—yet we want to be the first to bash everyone who God has to pick from. We have to change that. Besides Jesus, God has never sent perfect vessels from heaven, but always picks from the available pool of people on earth. Don’t blame Him for His choices until and unless we upgrade the pool of prospects He has to chose from.


I believe that after President Trump will be a leader who will encompass the best aspects of King Solomon. Solomon (means “peace”) of course was David’s son and it was he who was commissioned to build the house of God. David wanted to do that as well, but was told that he was a “man of war” with some blood on his hands—not qualified for that assignment. Solomon was the man who asked for wisdom and then reigned in peace and prosperity during his time as king. This will be the assignment for the next president of the USA, and I believe it is even somewhat obvious who it is supposed to be. He carries peace and wisdom even now, and his last named is actually peace, except for one letter being different. Am I prophesying that he will be next? Well, I am prophesying that is what I believe that I have been shown. Can things mess it up so it doesn’t happen? I don’t think so, but I suppose only God knows the answer to that question. I do know that as a nation we are presently more in the midst of a force of destiny from God than most are aware of. He is still Sovereign, which doesn’t mean He chooses everything that happens, but that He CAN do so if and when He wants to.

Solomon enjoyed the advancements that David made for him and for Israel. Israel was now strong enough that surrounding enemies didn’t dare move on Israel, because they remembered what happened under David. There was peace by strength, not peace by negotiating prowess. As long as wickedness abounds in the nations of the world God will be using “peace by strength.” Also because of the unprecedented prosperity the nations and the queen of Sheba came to see Solomon and Israel. Israel and the United States have an overlapping joint-destiny, and the future for both is perhaps unmatchable prosperity. The enemy has attempted to surreptitiously prosper the enemies of Israel and America, but they will either repent from being enemies or they will have a crushing loss of resources, much like what happened to Venezuela through Hugo Chavez immediately after he cursed Israel. A great restoration is coming for Venezuela but they paid the price for repeatedly voting in Chavez as president.

So a “time of peace” is coming for America, but until that does we must access the peace internally and become the ministers of reconciliation that we are called to be.


Perhaps where the church is most distant from Him is in knowing His storyline and His narrative. As Bobby Connor will often say, “we are way too familiar with a God we barely know.” We are growing in our knowledge of Him, which is good, but it is still our greatest poverty. Seemingly half the church seems to think He is more about rules and commandments than about love and kindness, but the good news is we are shifting. Those that finally get that He is about love often don’t know there is an accompanying story-line that goes with it that must be fulfilled. If you don’t grasp the concept of His faithfulness to Abraham and by extension Israel, you are going to miss Him a lot, even if you know He is all about love. His love extends multi-generationally in ways that are difficult for us to comprehend. He values friendship and that’s also something we don’t have much of a grid for. Our entire existence here on earth includes us learning to discern His heart, His story, His narrative, and agreeing with it. It will always be about love, but there is a big-picture love story also being played out that can’t be ignored in the details. It is why Jesus could tell Peter “Get behind me Satan” when Peter insisted Jesus didn’t need to go to the cross. Peter sounded loving towards Jesus, but He was ignorant of the greater love story (the cross) he was seeking to do damage to. Our God’s narrative (think movie script) includes Israel, Jerusalem, the 7 mountains, cities and nations, and He can think about each with as much passion as He does for an individual. We don’t naturally know how to do that. He wept over Jerusalem and expressed His passion for her as a city. We must learn first of all to love—then we must learn to love at the same micro and macro level that He does. He recognizes the souls of cities and nations as well as the souls of individuals, and He is now prioritizing them as never before.


As we begin to understand the God who works a big-picture narrative we then see the brilliance of Him choosing a man named Trump to be the game-changer in history. Psalm 47:5 says, “God has gone up with the sound of the trump.” Isaiah 18:3 says, “when He blows a trumpet, hear it!”. Zech. 9:14 says, “The Lord God will blow the trump and march in the storms of the south.” Joshua 6:5 says, “when you hear the sound of the trump…go straight forward.” Neh. 4:20 says, “When you hear the sound of the trump rush to wherever it is sounding. Then our God will fight for us!”

A trumpet sound comes in to signify that a great change is here. Even the “last trump” of 1 Cor. 15 is to announce that, “we shall all be changed.” God is sounding His Trump and He is saying “time for change!” A time of war means a time of change. It means conquest time. Perhaps the most overused prophetic term is “breakthrough” and it will probably be in several different prophetic words for 2018. It is used so much that it seems to have lost its value. However, this year the Lord really does have breakthroughs that He wants to hand out as party favors everywhere. It is appropriately enough that King David who encountered Him as Lord of Breakthroughs. In 2 Samuel 6:20 he tells how the Lord delivered the Philistines into his hand and so he named the place Baal Perazim, which means “Lord of Breakthroughs”–as he proclaimed, “The Lord has broken through my enemies!” This is in fact what God does have for each and every one of us as we embrace the season, the leadership, and the assignment He has placed before us.


For those reading this whole word you will already know that I will speak positively of the Stock Market. However, to accommodate those who just scrolled down to this part let me make it clear that I do think the market can still go up substantially as one of the signs of economic health and prosperity. I do not believe that the market overall is overpriced, and I see it going up to 30,000 in Trump’s day—and that may not even be its limit. There will be a great boost to the economy from the new tax laws, as well as from Trump’s economic declarations. Many of you who have heard that it will be bad for the poor or middle class will soon enough have first-hand proof that this is not so. You were a “victim” of distorted news. Of course with it all, Wall Street itself still needs ongoing reform, but that too will begin to be spliced in at an accelerated pace. It is a season of profound reformation.


The Bit Coin and an apparent tsunami of cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now. Many kingdom friends are involved in them in some way or another, and I am frequently asked about them. I can neither condemn nor fully endorse them. A simple reality is that the economic dynamic of the dark kingdom is fear and greed (Mammon). Gods economic kingdom works on the dynamic of faith and trust. Both entail risk, but only one of those risks is a kingdom- sanctioned risk. If the reason you are investing or running with the new cryptocurrencies is because of fear or greed then that is not really a kingdom venture, even if you make a lot of money.

I know that many are fearful that the dollar is going to collapse and so that fear motivation has them looking for another more stable currency. There is nothing stable about any of the cryptocurrencies. ALL currencies are ultimately “fiat” currencies and there is no getting around that. The only stable currency on the planet is trust in God. All other currencies whether dollar, gold-based, or blockchain-based contain some unknowable measure of volatility. Just watch how the Bit Coin jumps up and down daily and you will know that it is an extremely volatile fiat currency of its own.

Having said that, there is a unique opportunity to make (or lose) a lot of money in short order with these currencies, and God could lead someone into that market—if not you are just gambling. Ironically the unintended consequence of the cryptocurrency rage has been to longterm stabilize both the dollar (yes, I know it is presently lower) and Wall Street investments, as they are now that which contain the lower volatility when diversified. Much of the ever-feared bubble has been transposed into the cryptocurrency world. It is a whole new wild-card dynamic that has created another asset base, and its explosive possibilities are exciting. It is generating millions and billions of dollars of value out of essentially thin air, and that too is a dynamic of hope-filled economic atmospheres. Hope literally generates money, and it is the most important economic asset at a macro level. Therefore when a President regularly tells us that the economy is doing well and is going to do even better it literally has a stimulant effect.


A coming “wealth transfer” is talked about a lot in our circles. The Iraqi dinar, a multitude of pyramid schemes, as well as the aforementioned cryptocurrencies are often brought into the conversation as the vehicle for how the wealth transfer is coming. Prophets are often part of these groups or a chief spokesman for it. Unfortunately the recent history of the last 10-15 years has seen very good people and ministries lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in these “sure thing” ventures. So I have a word of wisdom for whomever has an ear to hear. Any investment that is predicated on either a monumental collapse or a monumental recovery—doubt it. The Iraqi dinar becoming valuable has always required the Muslim world to become stable and that is not happening in the majority of Muslim countries, and thus almost no Muslim currency is ever going to jump 10 or 20 times in value, no matter how much oil or other resource is there. Volatile governments keep a currency volatile, no matter how much resource is there. Likewise, if you are counting on the monumental collapse of the US dollar for your financial bonanza it is not going to happen. God partially put Trump in power to stabilize the US dollar and the US economy, so that the world economy becomes more stable. It is the devil trying to kill the dollar, the US economy, and the world economy—so don’t agree with a plan that counts on those dynamics.

The big, missing ingredient I am finding in those who perceive they are called into significant kingdom finances is their lack of present willingness to put their money where their mouth is. I see many aspiring “kingdom financiers” in reality giving nothing or very little to kingdom people and projects while constantly speaking of how much they are going to be giving. They explain how they need all their present thousands and millions to get to the next level. I see the ones that God is actually prospering with next-level income are those who already heavily invest in financing kingdom activity, even as they contend for the greater breakthrough.

Great resources are being released in this season into the house of God, but your stewardship with your first level of breakthrough will determine if you get the ultimate upgrade you were designed to step into. In the same way you analyze stocks and markets to determine investment intelligence you need to be looking around at all that goes by the name “Christian” and discern what is actually a good kingdom soil for you to sow into. We don’t need anymore “Left Behind” projects sown into, as it is the wrong narrative of the day. Many of you will find your future financial harvest determined by your ability to discern what is a God priority for you to sow into now. Future ministers of wealth will not just be gifted in making money but in recognizing the forerunner and front-runner thing that God is saying to sow into.


I will need to do a whole post on this, but for now let me just say the onus of God is on California and great, great change is coming to this, the most populous state of the nation. The greatest fire in California history is still burning in an area where many Hollywood superstars have mansions—this after LA experienced its biggest fire ever earlier in the year. The Santa Ana (Holy Grace) winds have blown stronger than ever this year, and from the great Napa fires to many more fires it has been an unprecedented year all across the state. Related to the “Harvey Weinstein effect” Hollywood is in absolute implosion and reformation, and that will continue and go to a deep enough level that in time it really will be called “Holywood.” Great good will be released to the world through that which is called Hollywood as the anointed sons and daughters of the King of Kings will begin to bring true creativity accompanied with overwhelming presence into Hollywood. Sooner than we think we will pinch ourselves in amazement at the world-wide kingdom advancements through Hollywood.

Great change is also coming to the political spectrum. Sacramento is about to experience major exposures of sin and corruption in so many places that it will cause heads to spin. Millions and perhaps billions of dollars have been being used in ways most the citizenry has had no idea about. Clean up is coming. The gut reflex reaction will be so strong in the state that it will cause an overturning of the entire dominant political party. Neither established party is clean right now, but out of this will come surprising, new, unprecedented political developments that will eventually go nationwide. California for all its liberal reputation is the state that led with drawing a line in the sand on the sexual harassment issue, and they are going to again surprise with the new playing field they demand in government.

While many in California and elsewhere are holding out for another “Jesus Movement,” God has something much more encompassing in mind than just having a few thousand getting saved and baptized. Reformation is coming and it will be great. It will include revival, but it will be greater than revival and not worthy to be called only revival. Redding and Bethel will have a significant role to play in this, and they will be the volcano from which non-stop fire goes to the rest of the state and nations. I have spoken into that before, but things are about to get kingdom-exciting up there. We are just a few years away from a totally unrecognizable California, and it is going to be good. There is no doubt that God can say to California as He said to Peter, “Satan has desired to sift you as wheat, BUT I have prayed for you.” Jesus has prayed for California and He will be rewarded.


I already spoke into that in measure, but just to say again this is of highest priority of heaven right now. The recent recognizing of Jerusalem as capital and the subsequent rejection of that by most nations will resonate for a long time. Obadiah 1:15 says “as you have done to Israel it will be done to you.” This will be begin to play out in increasingly obvious ways, providing instruction to the nations of the world as to our God’s ways. Disrespecting Israel is like disrespecting a mother. God just doesn’t sanction it, no matter how imperfect the mother. Israel, because of God’s covenant with Abraham, became our parent for every good thing including the eternal life that came to us through He who was a descendant of Abraham. Without Abraham and Israel there is no Jesus, as Mary and Joseph both were Israelites. So yes, Palestinians are also beloved of God, but their land rights are preceded and super-ceded by Israel’s right to the land that God covenanted to Abraham and Israel forever. When that is not respected it is not just a dishonoring of Israel but a dishonoring of God. This is where it is not all just about “love” in general, but about God’s big love story. The revealing of that love story is progressive and our part is to discern it, desire to see it, and agree with it.


I was recently in South Korea and prophesied that I had seen that “NOW God” was about to intervene and take out Kim Jong-Un. I sensed it so strongly I honestly felt that the NOW would have already taken place. His NOW’s always seem to have more elasticity than my NOW’s, but I still believe this will happen soon. I believe that President Trump has been anointed to keep pressure on Kim Jong-Un until he breaks one way or the other. It is time for a new “One Korea” that is South Korea based. A “One Korea” will have a major role in the world harvest.


Whereas Kim Jong-Un is like the reactive, rebellious teenager that let’s you know everything he is thinking, Iran and its leadership are more sinister and long-term dangerous, specifically so since they are empowered by a strong anti-semitic and anti-christ principality. President Trump is also called to circle around them with pressure and more pressure until they too are dealt with. Dealing with Iran is part of the protect and honor Israel assignment that we carry as a nation. There is a great on-fire, underground church in Iran that is becoming a game changer in that nation. They will eventually flip the nation from goat to sheep nation.


One of the areas where we will see great breakthroughs in 2018 is in the area of family. Beyond what I can explain, a great grace for family is being made available and we will find family and the mountain of family greatly affected in a positive way. Somehow the overall climate of conflict is going to be conducive to allowing God in at a new way in relationships. The present new sensitivity to women is a precursor to this, and this whole dynamic will be a treasure to look for in 2018. Many delayed, relational promises will find a happy ending in 2018.


Though God has placed a “man of war” as President of our nation, and though we are in an age of disruption, it will still be very possible and very advantageous to be people of peace. “Blessed are the peacemakers” will never have a more relevant time. Jesus is still the Prince of Peace for every season and as He promises, His peace is the peace that surpasses understanding. We are entering into an accelerated season of disruption with breakthroughs in areas like artificial intelligence (ai) and virtual reality (vr) starting to be all around game-changers. It will not always be necessary to understand everything going on, but it will be advisable to always be holding the hand of the One who does. No disruption will outpace His capability to be ten steps ahead. Then the Holy Spirit is Disruptive Technology personified. He is the Spirit of Truth with counsel and wisdom for every potential new scenario. We may often be in “recalculate mode” as our original GPS systems were, but He is the One that always knows what our Global Positioning needs to be. Without Him we can do NOTHING. But with Him literally ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. This is the faith, hope, and love we are to set ourselves to, and we can anticipate a 2018 of great victories and multiple breakthroughs. He is Lord of Breakthroughs and happy is the one who puts his trust in Him. As you do—a great 2018 is secured for you. Set your mind to prosper.

Johnny Enlow
January 1, 2018

Bill Hamon 2018 Glorious New Beginning

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“2018: The Glorious New Beginning” Bishop Bill Hamon, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

For those who are co-laboring with Christ Jesus, it is going to be a glorious and prosperous year. It will be like the original Day of Pentecost, “Suddenly they were endued with power” by the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 60:3 is also being activated as a commission to the Church as we enter the “Dispensation of the fullness of the times” (Eph. 1:10, Rev. 10:7). Now, delay shall be no longer, but all the mysteries and prophecies that the prophets have spoken shall be revealed and fulfilled.

In 2018, the Church will begin to “arise and shine” as they receive the new empowerment and start revealing and demonstrating the glory of the Lord. For the wicked of the world and the lukewarm in the Church—it will be a year of darkness and fearful anticipations. The true followers of Christ Jesus will know how to appropriate the new thing that God will begin in 2018. They will fulfill God’s purpose in this appointed time. God is activating the time for the knowledge of the glory of the Lord to begin filling the earth as the waters cover the sea (Hab. 2:14; Nu. 14:21; Ez. 12:26-27; 1 Thess. 5:4-8).

Prophetic Significance of Certain Years that End with “7” and the Next Year “8”

• 7-8: “7” is the number signifying fullness, fulfillment and completion. God completed the creation in 6 days, rested on the 7th, and began a new ministry on the 8th. The 7 days completed His work of creating all things, including man. The 8th day started God’s new ministry of working with mankind on earth.

• Jesus was resurrected on the 8th day of the week, (Saturday=7th; Sunday=8th; Jesus began the Church Age on 8th day.)

• 1517-1518: Martin Luther nailed his 95 Arguments against the Dark Age Church on the door of his church on Oct. 31, 1517, which completed the time of the Dark Age Church. 1518 started the age or time-period of the Restoration of the Church called the “Second Reformation”.

“Christian International and all ministries who are co-laboring with Jesus Christ to fulfill His present purpose will have their most glorious year ever in 2018.”

• 2007-2008: The Saints Movement was birthed in 2007 and prepared the way of Heaven’s decree for the beginning of “The Third and Final Church Reformation” in 2008.

• 1987-1988: Christian International had the first ever recorded in church history “Prophets Conference” in 1987 on a Wednesday night, after I had preached about the “great company of prophets” that God wanted to raise up in our day, and great intercession swept over the 700 saints present. It was the travailing labor pains for the birthing of the company of prophets. But it was the second prophets conference in 1988 that the Prophetic Movement was birthed. (Complete details are given in pages 88-100 in the book “Prophets and the Prophetic Movement”.)

• 1947-1948: William Branham was launched as a prophet ministering with supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit in 1947. The following year, “The Latter Rain” movement was launched in 1948. Part of their revelation restoration teaching was that there are still Apostles and Prophets in the Church today. (Evangelical dispensationalists taught that they had been depleted from the Church.)

• 2007-2008: The Saints Movement in 2007 closed out the period of the Second Reformation and prepared the way for the Third Reformation to be launched in 2008. (Photo via Wikipedia)

• 1947-1948: Oral Roberts was launched in 1947 as an evangelist with the “laying on of hands” for healing. In 1948, T. L. Osborne was launched in evangelism with mass miracles. At that time, hundreds of evangelists arose with miracle ministries throughout the world. It became known as “Deliverance Evangelism.” These two 1948 movements were two separate restoration streams which never merged in their day.

These years began five decades that reemphasized the Evangelist in 1950s, Pastors 1960s, Teacher 1970s, the restoration of the Prophets in the 1980s, and the Apostles in 1990s. This prepared the way for the Saints Movement in 2007.

Time Periods Relevant to 2018

• 40 years: From the 1948 teachings of Apostles & Prophets in the Church through the 1988 Prophets Movement—this produced the proclamation and activation of the Company of Prophets.

• 30 years = the age of Prophetic movement (1988-2018 = 30 years). After age 30, Jesus began manifesting the supernatural signs, wonders and miracles of the Kingdom of God. This is Acts 10:38, AND SO IT WILL BE IN 2018: “…how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how He went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with Him.”

• 70 years: 1948 Latter Rain MOVEMENT increasing with greater Restoration Revelation to 2018 = New Revelation and Demonstration of the Kingdom of God.

• 70 years: 1948 when Israel became its own nation to 2018. Nation of the Church comes into its own and increases the “possessing of their inheritance”.

• After 70 Years: Israel returned from Babylon to rebuild Jerusalem and their Temple. Jesus said, “I Will BUILD MY CHURCH,” not just birth it. The Second Reformation has now rebuilt the Church back to New Testament standards. From now on the gates of Hell cannot withstand the advance of the Church and the power of binding and loosing is granted.

2018: A New Beginning and Glorious Year

• 2018 starts a “New Beginning”. This will take the Church to new levels of power and authority in ministry and a greater conformity to the character of Christ in our personal lives. “Present-Truth 5-fold ministers” are going to intensify their ministry with Jesus in finalizing the work of Christ’s Church and fulfilling His final purpose for the Church and planet Earth.

“In 2018, the Church will begin to ‘arise and shine’ as they receive the new empowerment and start revealing and demonstrating the glory of the Lord.”

• Nations: 2018 will be the beginning of God causing things to happen in the earth which will determine whether a nation is a goat or sheep nation (Mt. 25:31-41).

• Co-laborers with Christ: Christian International and all ministries who are co-laboring with Jesus Christ to fulfill His present purpose will have their most glorious year ever in 2018.

Revelation of Three Holy Spirit Movements after the Prophetic-Apostolic Movement

• In my book, Apostles-Prophets and the Coming Moves of God, I revealed that there would be three more Holy Spirit movements before the Second Coming of Christ Jesus.

• A Saints Movement which took place in April 2007. (My book, The Day of The Saints was written to explain this.)

• An Army of The Lord Movement started in 2016. (My book “God’s World War III” was written to explain this.)

• The 3rd Movement in fulfilling God’s progressive purpose will be “The Kingdom Establishing Movement.” (It hasn’t happened yet and book not written.)

• What God didn’t show me until it was actually decreed from Heaven, is that He is going to transition the Church from the Second Reformation of the Church to the Third Reformation. The purpose of the Second Reformation was to restore to the Church all New Testament truths and ministries. God’s purpose for the Third Reformation is for the Church to be enlightened and empowered by the truths and ministries restored in the Second—to demonstrate the Kingdom of God in all the world for a witness and for every nation to become a definite goat or sheep nation. This will also fulfill all prophetic Scriptures that must be fulfilled to their fullness so that Jesus can activate His Second Coming (Acts 3:21, Heb. 10:12-13.) The last three movements are now being fulfilled during the Third Reformation of the Church. (Photo via Pixabay)

• There has been a “Holy Spirit movement” activated in every decade during the last 70 years starting in 1948. Most of them were brought forth during the 7th and 8th year of each decade—the Prophetic in 1988, the Apostolic 1998, and the Third Reformation in 2008. Now we are entering 2018. I am expecting a mighty move of the Holy Spirit during 2018, enabling the Church to fulfill God’s predestined purposes that Jesus has ordained, which He will fulfill through His Corporate Body of Christ while they are still in their mortality on God’s planet Earth.


“Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth, shall you not know it?” (Isaiah 43:19) (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Dr. Bill Hamon, Founder
Christian International Ministries Network
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