John Eckhardt – Making up for Lost Time Dec 20, 2016

“Making Up For Lost Time: God is Releasing His Catapult”
John Eckhardt, Chicago, Illinois

The Lord says, “Even as men built catapults to launch over obstacles, I’ve also built a catapult in the spirit. My prophetic word and prayer is about to catapult many of you into a place you’ve never been before.”

The Lord says, “My word is coming like a catapult. Even My prophets are going to minister prophetically. As they prophesy, as they pray and as they preach, you’re going to find yourself being catapulted over obstacles and walls that you could not seem to get over. Many have said, ‘This obstacle, this wall, is too high I can’t seem to get around it, or through it, or over it.'”

Catapulted Into Your Destiny – Into Your Future!

Yet, the Lord says, “Many of you will breakthrough the walls but for many of you, it will be like a catapult.”

The Lord says, “I’ll catapult many of you into your destiny, into the next season, into the next year, over the walls and obstacles that would stand in your way. So get ready for Me to catapult you! I release My divine catapult upon those who are believing Me (for you) to be launched over. Even as this year was a year of relaunch, I’m going to not only reset but continue to relaunch people forward over the things that hindered them from moving forward.

“For many have felt like they’ve been trapped, or been behind. They’ve been saying things like, ‘I’m lagging behind. I’m not on the right pace. I need to catch up.”

2017: A Year of Catching Up

The Lord says, “Get ready! In 2017 it’s going to be a year of catching up for those who seem to be behind. I’m going to catapult you into your future and you’re going to find yourself catching up in destiny and years.

“Get ready to catch up. I’m going to accelerate and catapult you into a new place even in time. Get ready for My word to catapult you into a new place, into a new season, as I cause My prophets to prophecy.

“Even as My glory comes upon you in the month of December, as you believe Me for glory, as you walk in the glory, as you release glory, as you minister in glory, as you enjoy My glory and embrace My glory – My glory is going to catapult you into places you’ve never been before.

“Many will look at you and say, ‘How did you get here? How did you get over that obstacle? How did you get over your past? How did you get over your failure?’

“I’ve Been Catapulted by the Glory!”

But I, the Lord, say that you’re going to say, ‘I’ve been catapulted by the glory! My God has catapulted me!’

“Receive this word today!” says the Lord. “Allow Me to catapult you and even jump start some of you who feel as if your battery has died. It’s been a cold season but I’m going to jump start you. I’m going to get your engine running again. I’m going to get you moving again. I’m going to cause you to accelerate again.

“I’m going to cause you to go faster than you’ve gone before. I’m going to break you out of the stall that you’ve been in so get ready to be jump started. Get ready to be catapulted into a new place in the days to come!” (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

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